Different Harddrive

I thought I would give this support site a try-I just bought a new Lenovo Computer with several hard-drives built into it. One drive is a SSD, the others C, D, E, F… My C Drive has Windows 10 on it. The others are clean no OS on them but want to add Linux Parrot on one of them but not sure on how to do this. Is there away for me to do this but not that difficult don’t want to screw up my computer? I did go part way with the USB Parrot 4.6 where you create PW and User but did not see selection of hard-drives to install it on maybe cause I back out too soon for fear was worried I would mess up my Windows 10.

Hi @StormTrooper,

Configuring the drive to install Parrot is one of the final steps in the installation process.
When you get to the drive configuration stage of the install, you should be able to select one of the drives/partitions you listed.

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