Dirbuster IO address in use bind error

Im running Parrot 4.8 on virtual box with guest additions.

Im running a scan against a local machine with dirbuster, lets say its, so in put http:/ as the url syntax and checked the go faster option.

(For some reason I also had to modify the file permissions of the .txt file that I used to brute-force the directories.)

After about 30 seconds of scanning I recieved 20 consecutive error:

“IOExeption Address already in use(Bind Error)”

I assume that port 80 must be in use. So I proceeded to reboot and immediately start the dirbuster. I got the same error. Any recomendations on how to fix this error?

is another instance of the program running somewhere else?

or maybe the same port is used by another program (probably burpsuite)

What port should I look at? port 80? I dont see anything running on it when I do netstat or netstat -tulpn
also I have rebooted the machine and burpsuite shouldn’t be running.

Here’s the latest update on my end:

It seems to be a collision with itself.

I unchecked the go faster option (reduces the threads), it instantly stopped giving me address in use

My guess is that the program needs to have a throttle control to stop it from tripping over itself. If there is a way to make it run normally with threading, please let me know.


Dirbuster is getting a bit old now, so it might not function as it once did.

You could always try dirstalk (https://github.com/stefanoj3/dirstalk).
You might find it to be faster.

Thanks, is it ready to run directly after cloned or does it require you to “make” it? I Cloned it into my /opt/ folder and ran dirstalk.sh in the dist directory and after 20 seconds I got tons of errors… vbox_scan_2
Its running against a Kioptrix box on a nat network.

You should be able to build it by running the make build command in the repo. You might need to run make dep first though.

But you can download builds from the releases page on GitHub (https://github.com/stefanoj3/dirstalk/releases), just the Linux one should be fine. It also comes in docker.

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