display Input not supported

Hi, I’m runng Parrot OS 4.7 security MATE on my computer, installed with debian standard, configured as multiboot (with windows 10).

When I power on my computer, the boot loader appears and I choose Parrot OS, then compare the loading screen and then nothing, my displays says: “input not supported”.
The only way to run Parrot OS is to choose in the boot loader Parrot OS without NVIDIA, but run only on 2nd small display.
I think is a problem with the drivers of NVIDIA (I got a NVIDIA gt770), I tried to update the driver but nothing happened.

It is a problem with my nvidia driver, in mint linux there is an auto update for driver and it worked.
I tried to install with these command https://docs.parrotlinux.org/info/gpu-drivers/ but didn’t work.

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