DisplayLink Installation

(Slight) #1

OK, i have a question:
I am trying to install USB display adapters that support DisplayLink.
I have the adapters, (2 of them) and they are recognized my system as display link adapters. I go to the github repository, and ATTEMPT to install the drivers. I even modify the script to accommodate the OS, (not natively supported in parrot) and still get errors.
Below is the following. Could you help me please?

Not installing on parrot 3.10
this is what i get:

--------------------------- displaylink-debian ----------------------------

DisplayLink driver installer for Debian based Linux distributions:

Debian GNU/Linux
Elementary OS
Linux Mint
Kali Linux


Select a key: [i/u/r/q]: R

Checking dependencies

unzip is installed
linux-headers-4.14.0-parrot2-amd64 is installed
dkms is installed
lsb-release is installed
linux-source is installed

Unsuported platform: Parrot intruder

This tool is Open Source and feel free to extend it
GitHub repo: https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displaylink-debian/

So i modify the script to include the following:


elif [ “$lsb” == “Parrot” ];
if [ $codename == “intruder” ];
echo -e “\nPlatform requirements satisfied, proceeding …”
exit 1

inbetwwen # Kali and # Deepin

Now i get this error:

Installing driver version: 1.4

DisplayLink Linux Software 1.4.210 install script called: install
Distribution discovered: Parrot 3.10 - Intruder
Unsatisfied dependencies. Missing component: Linux headers for running kernel, 4.14.0-parrot2-amd64.
This is a fatal error, cannot install DisplayLink Linux Software.

Any ideas?
I do not know what dependencies that i will possibly need if that is the problem.
Thank you in advance

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No one has an idea?

(Matt) #3

I further edited the shell script and ran it on one of my machines and it seemed to install fine although i dont have any display link devices so cant be sure it works.
Please read through it first. But i just added the different lsb_release outputs into the if statements.
Edited .sh : https://pastebin.com/FB2Mb60k

So make sure you have linux-source package the other packages should already be installed (assuming you are up to date)
sudo apt-get install linux-source

then just run it
sudo ./displaylink-debian.sh

Obviously if you are running a different version you would have to change the arguments against the ‘codename’ variable.

(Justin Gardner) #4

@KidKlown! You rock man - thanks so much. I got it to work using your script.

However, I did have to do some additional things.

  1. Download your script and run it
  2. Reboot
  3. Issue the xrandr --listproviders command. Ensure that there are 2 providers
  4. Issue the xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0 command to link your displaylink provider to your normal.
  5. Open displays and turn on your new monitor.

I found these commands and this procedure here:


i am trying this and it keeps telling me it is an unsupported platform parrot stable

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #6

the script needs to be adapted for more recent parrot versions

(Bryan Nett) #7

fixed the install script for Parrot 4.5 you can find the code here https://pastebin.com/Yzqwu9kq