DNS-requests in Parrot

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does Parrot route it’s DNS-request over Socks or something similar or are DNS-request sent in “clear-mode” ?

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dns requests are routed through the default network gateway as usual.
do you mean how dns requests are routed with anonsurf activated? because anonsurf routes al the dns requests through tor preventing dns leaks

Hi palinuro

Thank’s for the feedback! Is your anonsurf-solution SOCKS based? (than your browser is probably the only thing that will use the proxy for DNS resolution :frowning:

Or am I wrong?



read the anonsurf source code, it’s pretty easy to read

tor creates both a socks and a transproxy service

socks is used by some services who expect it to be there, but we don’t really use it

iptables, the linux kernel firewall, is used to force ALL the system traffic to take a very simple choice:
to pass through the tor transproxy if tor can route it, or to be dropped and never leave the system if tor can’t route it

when anonsurf is started, traffic is routed through tor or dropped

Thank’s a lot palinuro for the helpful feedback!


yeah, but if you what parrot really anonymous distro you need:

  1. stop forcing parrot dns servers and replace them with free dns

  2. remove parrot start page

  3. add bridges to torrc

  4. remove all whitelisting sites from noscript

  5. exclude third party cookies

  6. add onion mirror and preinstall apt-transport-tor

im not dictate you or mentoning - only as a tip. its your project so you decide.

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yeah, but if you what parrot really anonymous distro you need:

stop forcing parrot dns servers and replace them with free dns

the parrot dns servers are not just random shit we decided to put in for no reason
the parrot dns servers are fully working opennic.org nodes, where opennic is probably the only free, worldwide and community-driven dns service out there

if you don’t like our contribution to the opennic project, or if you don’t like opennic at al, then feel free to change your config

remove parrot start page

go to the firefox settings and change the start page, or even disable it if you don’t want it at all
i don’t understand why to complain about a pentest distribution putting their landing page in the default browser settings

people don’t complain about tor browser putting the tor checker page as their default page

add bridges to torrc

do your pull request if you want

remove all whitelisting sites from noscript

which noscript? the noscript in firefox or the noscript in tor browser?

exclude third party cookies

it is already done by default and enforced by privacy badger, noscript and ublock origin

add onion mirror and preinstall apt-transport-tor

we don’t have an official and trustworthy parrot mirror covered by tor, we are going to set up one but we are absolutely not going to set it up by default
the tor network is against the basic principles of a distributed high speed archive mirror network, then feel free to set up your own onion service (as i personally do) or wait for the official ones to be configured

im not dictate you or mentoning - only as a tip. its your project so you decide.

i appreciate your feedback (trust me, i really do), i just don’t like to destroy the parrot reliability and usability in favor of very specific and rare use cases that should be addressed with common configurations by those few people who actually need them

parrot is NOT going to be the tails killer and i absolutely don’t want it to be

i just like to provide solid privacy features on a distribution which addresses a completely different users pool (infosec guys, programmers etc), but again, this is not going to be the tails alternative, and to enable tor at startup and use onion services for the apt mirror is not just overkill, but it may be a stupid move if done by default


i was mistaking thinking its your own dns servers. sorry for that.

tor browser dont have whitelisted sites in noscript settings

nice then!. in 3.11 3rd party cookies allowed from visited sites but its not right setting

glad to see your constructive reaction enstead rage. thats why popularity of your distro grow so fast - because your charisma and communications skills. i see your channel on youtube (yeah even darknet master of cybercrime linux craft sometimes visit fucking google crap sites) - i dont speak italian but word “informatica” told me you talk about computers hahahaha. so i think you need do more of this things - video presentations of distros, about how you make your linux and other stuff - people like that. i think its increase the popularity of parrot - because many people dont still didnt know about parrot existence. so

sudo apt install -y more video from palinurosec --no-porn


Hi all.

I was reading all this and have a few remarks and questions. Comment: It is impossible to compile a distro to everyones liking, period.
Secondly in stead of asking the developers to make such and such changes (usually very trivial stuff) I think that the user has to to some of the work too. Configure and re-configure, knock yourself out.


  1. I read a lot about tracking cookies and 3rd party cookies and what not but these are solutions are all BROWSER solutions, right? Are people neglecting SYSTEM level solutions? Does anyone still use a decent HOSTS file these days?

  2. Speaking of which. I use a massive HOSTS file (no it’s not lagging my browsing) and both my NoScript and Privacy Badger are blocking just a handfull of things and addblocker isn’t even active. I’d love to hear your take (readers takes) on this.

HOSTS file or browser extensions…what say you? :smiley:

EDIT: I noticed that over time Privacy Badger IS slowing down my browser especially when I have tinkered (a lot) with cookie settings and blocking trackers…the longer the list of input the slower pages load. That’s the only drawback concerning PB.

@secfathy see this

so? what the fuck you talking about? :smiley:

i did some videos when i was 14 or 15, i promised myself to start again but it’s hard to find enough spare time, or better, it is easy to say “i don’t have enough time” as an excuse for my being lazy as fuck

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wartech is true, third party cookies need to be disabled by default, and if it is not happening, then we really need to fix it for the next release

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i’ll contact a privacy-badger developer to inform him about the efficiency problems you talked about

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A few fixes of git version of anonsurf:

line 83 - add x-www-browser to init function - because when you launch browser from bottom pannel in xfce the proccess name is x-www-browser, not firefox-esr

line 83 also add coyim ricochet onioncircuits telegram-desktop electrum pidgin remmina filezilla

line 333 & line 337 clean gtk warnings of zenity dialogs with &> /dev/null

line 100 -anonsurf ip better with zenity - sometimes you need to copy ip address (its only my opinion of course)

fix missing “n” in line 302

line 82 & 87 - typo correction - replace two small letters (Killing & Cleanind istead killing & cleaning)

bonus: bug of git version of anonsurf - after “make install” exitnode-selector copy to /usr/bin without exec permissions and make error on sudo anonsurf change. wrong chmod maybe - im not so smart so cant fix this by my own :smiley:

full text of script - https://pastebin.com/BrcpSJFN

can you make POC for this :smiley:

please do a pull request to the repo

lool i see it :heart_eyes::joy::joy:

I never do this so i don’t know what exactly i need to do. really, its not a joke.