DVWA install on Parrot?

Is there any chance the Devs would include dvwa and webgoat etc?

I’ve tried installing them myself but have had no luck… missing packages and missing repos… also SecGen NEVER works for me on parrot.

Why don’t you give it a go at compiling the repos and packages yourself or have a look at possibly porting them from debian if they are available ?

Or if you want a hand I would be more than happy to help.

thesee are testing environments, not security tools

dvwa and similar programs are voluntarily vulnerable, and it is a very high risk to have them installed on parrot

if you want to do some practice, download metasploitable 2, virtualize it into virtualbox or virt-manager and have fun

it is always better to isolate the environment you use to attack from the environment that you want to exploit

use docker or some vm to do that
You have dojo3.3 on vm and on it you have both and more
and you have https://hub.docker.com/r/vulnerables/web-dvwa/
or webgoat https://hub.docker.com/r/webgoat/webgoat-8.0/

What missing packages?

The suggested VMs, like metasploitable, etc… I’ve obviously VM’d. But, those webapp playgrounds are easy to bring up. In my opinion anyway, sorry that came off condescending.

As explained, this isn’t advised to bring up and will obviously not be shipped with, instantly defeats the purpose of Parrot. But, if your goal is bring one up on Parrot, let us know what errors you’re running into please. Thanks.

I should be able to walk you through it, apache, lighttpd or nginx or whatever.

i think if i can remember well dvwa use php5 and package for it was removed, but i dont know if this is his problem :wink: