Encrypt disk - question

hello ,

I use the last version on parrot os

I don’t have a problem but a question ,

during the install, I chose to encrypt my disk with :

aes 250 + xts-plain64

I think that sha250 is better than xts-plain64 to protect against hacker but a friend tell me to "use " this option … so I try it …

all work perfectly but when I “decrypt” my disk I can see :

1- the number of character that I am using to unlock my disk (and its very bad …) do you know how I can hide the character when I am tapping my passeword of my keyboard ? like if I was in a terminal ? (of course we can’t see exactly which letter I’m using but the number of character) and if someone can know the number of character I am using, he can easy crack my password (even if I use special character - number - letter …)

2 - when I fail 3 times it tell me “3 tries exceeded pls restart” (or something else) but if I try a 4th time and I succeed my disk will be unlocked …
do you know why ??

thanks parrot community for your help :slight_smile:

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