Entire system is buggy.

PRETTY_NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux 4.10”

Hardware: Lenovo ideapad 320

Install Method: Debian Standard

Multiboot: No

Entire system is buggy and slow. Working on a browser say videocalling crashes the system. The computer just hangs with no response to input or time. System Settings crashes almost immediately on opening. Same to updates. Opening Updates crashes immediately. Very hard to use. Almost force rebooting everyday. Please fix.

No error reports as when I tried to report bug, it scans and says it did not find enough prrof or something, so report manually. So here I am.

Hey @SpaceSprinkles,

To help you better, we need more information. Mainly: logs. Something direct that can tell us what is causing the slowdown. (NOTE: do not paste entire logs, just small segments into posts).

If you need to paste an entire log, please use something like pastebin.

How do I get logs from the computer?
Sorry for looking at your reply so late.

look at /home/usernameHere/.xsession-errors

for graphical crash related stuff. Check out everything in /var/log directory: explore files in there to get to know your logging system better. This will help you self analyze problems in the future :wink:

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