Error mount read write ntfs partition in fstab

I saw a similar fail question in comunity, but not this, and not resolved.
I know the solution can be evident for advanced people, but not for beginners. and i open to approach beginers.

If you have dual boot, Windows and Parrot, you will use some files from windows ntfs partition, and in many manuals you can find the solution, but these manuals haven’t one important step.

When you change frome windows, you should power off the windows, not reboot the host, and if you power off, and can’t write in ntfs partition from Parrot, you should make this step:
From terminal, and with sudo

1- sudo umount /dev/sdXX
2- sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXX
3- sudo mount -rw /dev/sdXX /mnt/mountpoint

If you included your partiton to automount in fstab, the next time you reboot the host, you can write in ntfs partition.
Windows protect the partition and linux can’t write on this. With “ntfsfix” you remove the protection, and can write.

This will be appear simple, but a lot of people ask me for the same problem, and they don’t find solution on the net, or the can’t link both solution “ntfsfix an fstab”.

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