[ERROR]: Veil is only supported on Debian 8 (Jessie) or higher!

How Can Solve this problem???

The exact same thing has been discussed in more than 2 topics, kindly don’t repost again while it already exists.
Btw the issue is that parrot version is considered as debian’s

Ok bro thanks

Just nano the setup.sh
and search debian
change the value 8 to 5
save and run the setup.sh

elif [ “${os}” == “debian” ]; then
if [[ “${osmajversion}” -lt “8” ]]; then /// 8 to 5
echo -e " ${RED}[ERROR]: Veil is only supported on Debian 8 (Jessie) or higher!${RESET}\n"
exit 1

The problem is the data retrieving that script from the distro. The Veil script retrieves the ID (hence debian) and the parrot version (the new 5), the result is debian 5, which obviously does not exist. If, as mentioned above, you put in the Veil script “Debian 11”, it will work. However we will try to resolve this situation.

Ok bro i am waiting

Where I open nano setup.sh

I found the fix !
simply cat /etc/os-release
If you see that the VERSION_ID is 5.0 change it to 8.0

Hope this fixes your problem!

Thanks Bro … but I got another Solution
1.sudo pluma /usr/share/veil/config/setup.sh
2. if [[ “${osmajversion}” -lt “8” ]]; then ((Find This Line)) [Change 8 to 5] && Save This

Its Work Bro

fixed in a recent base-files update, but only on our 5.0 branch