Error while installing Parrot 4.11.3

I’m trying to install ParrotOS on dual boot on my windows 11 computer. I created a new partition, tried installing it, and i got an error. I tried reformating the partition to exFAT and installing Parrot after but i still got this error. It seems like grub is having a hard time getting installed. (i’ve used this ParrotOS iso to install a virtual machine once and it worked perfectly so i’m not quite sure why it won’t work on dual boot on an actual machine.)

Notice the legacy / EFI option. If your disk is using EFI (likely), you have to start the live mode with EFI from BIOS.

i’m not quite sure to know how to do that tho, legacy mode is off in my bios

I don’t really know about your system either LuL. On my system I should see 2 options: boot with EFI and boot with Legacy. But maybe I’m wrong and your problem was partition problem

i’m not really a bios expert but i think this means i’m booting live mode with EFI ? (parrot is on my usb device)

Oh well what i said about was when you press the select boot menu F12 or F8 or anything depends on Bios model. Sorry I forgot to mention that in previous reply.

This is what i get when i go in the select boot menu


Okay so it’s EFI boot only. So your problem could be parittion problem. From what I remember, Calamares has “install along side current OS” or something like that. Did you tried that?

it did not showed me this option unfortunately

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Well then I’m out of idea. I never got that problem before and now I’m using 2 disk for 2 OS so I don’t have to worry about the installation problem. I mean maybe use 2 disks is a good solution for this.

to be honest i’m working on a school laptop so i don’t have much room for any other disk, but thanks for your help, i think it might be a partition problem, or i don’t have the right iso

Well to be honest i have never tried dual boot with windows 11 so it could be partition compatible wit hwindows 11. Like I said, I am using 2 disks. Did you try google the error Can not set EFI variable? Maybe it helps.

Found something similar on google.

An other idea: you can buy external disk + usb cable so you can have ready to use Parrot. YOu can use it on other PC / laptop as well. Just make sure you do full encryption, which is better for your data security.