Failed to start light display manager nvidia gtx 1060

Hello guys,
I’m kind of new into parrot and today I was setting up the environment and I found this link:
So I did everything what was stated in that third part of article because I have nvidia gtx 1060 and some brute force attacks needs gpu utilisation to be faster.
But after rebooting I get message:

Failed to start light display manager.

Today before gpu drivers update I updated whole system and everything was running smoothly.

Does anybody know what can I do to get to previous state?
Or there is just one way and that is complete reinstall?

are you able to get a tty terminal?
you can open a tty using
ctrl + alt + f6 if this opens then we can fix
first after opening the tty terminal try

This tutorial is a little old. Nobodies checked it on latest kernel version.

Laptop or PC? if you have PC, default driver and maybe nvidia-driver package is enough.

Hello I’m wondering how to post it here…
Basically console written out
Server terminated with error (1).
Xinit: giving up
Xinit: unable to connect to x server: connection refused
Xinit: server error.

I would like to send you logs but im not sure if there is any way.

I have hp omen 15 so I’m unsure. It has full desktop gtx card in it.

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