Firefox Jump List to open New Private (Incognito) Window

When right clicking the Firefox-ESR icon in my Task Manager, I only get the option to “Unpin from Task Manager”
In most distros and in Windows, I am used to getting a Jump List with an option to “Open a New Private Window”.

I cannot use the Firefox setting to “Always use private browsing mode” as an alternative. This setting causes my password manager to stop working.

Other items in my Task Manager have options in their Jump Lists, so the functionality seems to be working in the GUI.

Not sure if this is a Firefox-ESR thing. I have tried installing the non-ESR version of Firefox but Parrot can’t seem to find a valid installation candidate. Wasn’t sure that I should go mucking about in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot.list and trying out different repositories when I’m not even sure this is an issue with ESR.

Currently I’m having to open a regular window, hit CTRL-Shift-P to open an Incognito window, and then close the regular window. Not exactly a streamlined process.
Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Parrot version in use
    5.0 LTS

  • Kernel version

  • Logs/Terminal output

  • Screenshots: