Freezing on/shortly after login - Driver issues?

I’ve installed ParrotOS 4.10 on a Dell Latitude 7280 and I’m getting a bunch of freezing on the login screen or shortly after I login. From the research I’ve done and other trial/error I’ve ALMOST come to the conclusion that the issue is driver related, but I’m not 100% on it.

If I use the built-in nouveau OFF option in Grub it seems the freezing goes away for a while, but eventually comes back which has me very confused. I’ve followed the Bumblebee tutorial minus installing Bumblebee because I don’t think it’s needed in my case and I don’t want extra software installed that I won’t utilize. This helped but ultimately resulted in freezing again.

Since I can’t do much work in the DE, I’ve tried blacklisting the open source Nvidia drivers and updating the proprietary Nvidia drivers, but I still experience freezing after this. I also ran apt remove --purge nvidia* and reinstalled via apt install nvidia-driver and that didn’t help either. This is why I’m a little confused and why I’m not 100% on this being a driver issue.

I ran MemTest on my laptop and it came back clean, so no issues there. I’ve also ran the built-in Dell Diagnostics and nothing came back on my SSD, but I’d like to look into some ways I can run scans on my SSD like I did with MemTest just to rule it out completely.

Any suggestions or help with this?

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