FruityWifi synaptic install missing

I installed FruityWifi from the package manager and unless I am blind I do not see it ANYWHERE even though it shows it is now installed. Yes, I can do a locate and hunt it down, but if it installs from Synaptic I expect to see it in the parrot menu. Can anyone help please?

Otherwise I may as well just install it manually from GitHub…

What version of Parrot are you running?
Parrot v4.6 | AMD 64bit system | Mate

What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental)
DVD install

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)

Hi , is not because your package is installed since Synaptic that you will necessarily have a shortcut, but you can create one easily by right click on destop and " create launcher" , to be sure if your package is installed you can open a terminal and write : dpkg --status program name.

Hey great! Thanks for that tip, really appreciate it. =)

Well, here is how I fixed the issue:

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