GRUB Consistently Fails to Install

EDIT: I have realized that the issue with GRUB is not relevant to why the OS will not boot, but is instead something else. When I select to install via guided partitioning, I am able to launch Parrot and it starts successfully. However, when I mimic the guided partitioning manually in order to encrypt the root file system and swap, the OS fails to boot. ([This is the screen I am left at]. Could this be an issue with how I am configuring /boot? I simply format it as ext4 and mount it at /boot. Thank you for any help.

Hi all, I am attempting to install Parrot 4.0 but am consistently running into issues when attempting to install GRUB. I am attempting to install Parrot alongside my already-installed windows.

I’ve attached screenshots of my partition configurations below as I’m not quite sure where I’m screwing up. I have an ext4 partition mounted at root, a swap partition, and an ext2 partition mounted at boot for GRUB. However, every time I attempt to install I receive the error that GRUB cannot be installed at /target/. This is a UEFI laptop and I already have an EFI system partition created since I am attempting to dualboot.

I’m also confused why I even need GRUB in the first place for the OS to boot. I have rEFInd boot manager installed, but when I attempt to boot the OS from there it fails to start, claiming that it cannot find files such as /etc/fstab (this was on an earlier installation that I encrypted, and was also the only time the installation even showed up on rEFInd). Ideally I would like to encrypt the partition, but I’m not willing to sit through the hour and a half “overwrite with zeros” process several times while attempting to figure out why the bootloader keeps failing to install.

I am attempting to install from a live USB. Thank you for any help you can provide.