Having Trouble Updating

I’m running Parrot 4.6 KDE adm64 debian just installed it today on my acer aspire
TC-855ACCFLi50 it runs flawlessly and I love it but i cannot for the life of me get it to update its the only operating system on the desktop im new to linux so ill take any pointers I can get i have a picture with the error nessage that’s only 1.4 mbs and it says the max is 8.something to upload on here if anyone wants to see it ill just email it to you im so frustrated right now

Please follow the Support Guidelines (including question template for formatting/organization) and next time around make a descriptive post title (so others know what the question is about):

In addition to a clear, well researched question, we need to see the things you have tried, error messages on attempts to update. Otherwise how can we know where you went wrong? :wink:

I have changed your post title from

“Sorry if this has been created already Im new”


Having trouble updating

Once you have answered with the above needed info to answer your question, will relist this post.

PS: A wild guess answer for a low on details question: may need to update your repositories or disconnect from tor.

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