Support Guidelines

When using Parrot Support, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Read and search Parrot’s Documentation before you post. Also Check out our FAQ.
    (Also look at Debian’s documentation and the documentation of the application or tool you are using)

  2. At the bare minimum we expect you did the following:

  • You searched on the internet using a search engine of your choice.
  • You have searched the man pages available on your issue.

(If you don’t what we’re talking about see Troubleshooting tl;dr use (ALT+T) to pull up Mate Terminal and execute:


Where TOPIC is the item you’d like to learn about. If not found, check our troubleshooting page.)

  • Finally search the forum before you post, failure to do these things will get your post locked and/or deleted. No, we’re not out to get you, the internet is a very large space and with almost 8 billion humans on the planet someone has likely asked and answered or ran into your problem. Wasting our time because of your laziness is stupid.
  1. Do not cross post or double post. Posting the same topic in more than one category only creates confusion and makes it hard to keep track on the various replies. Double posts will be deleted.

  2. Be descriptive, check here for examples. Use a meaningful headline and try to make your question as clear as possible. Include as much information as possible such as what tool, OS version (Home versus Security) you are using, error messages, what you did that may have caused the problem etc. at minimum include the following:

    What version of Parrot are you running? (type "cat /etc/os-release" in terminal without the quotes)
    Include version (e.g. 4.5), edition(e.g. Home), 
    and architecture (currently we only support 

    What hardware are you running? (Machine Model/Brand, graphics card if display issue)

    What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental)

    Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)

    What have you already tried to fix your problem? Be detailed.

    If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

    If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below: 
  1. Failure to have this information when needed will get your post unlisted, you will be send a PM, with what you need add or fix. Failure to amend your post will get it deleted after 72 hours (3 days).

  2. When posting code or logs use the grave accent symbol (it’s the key above Tab) to mark the beginning and end if pasting it directly e.g.

echo "Hello World"
``` (end of code)

Using pastebin is also welcome. Photos are a last resort. Please use them only if you are unable to copy the code. If you do use photos do not link them from an outside resource use the upload button and link them through the web link provided.

  1. Be patient. Not everyone knows everything and not everyone is online all the time. If you don’t get a reply chances are that no one is online that knows the answer at the moment. Do not ‘bump’ your questions just because there have been a few hours with no reply. If your question is specific to the developers, a moderator will assign a developer to respond. Again, please be patient.

  2. Do not post spam or reply to spam, if you think it’s spam flag the post with the flag icon or notify a moderator. If you think the post is inappropriate or violates our TOS please flag it as well and a moderator will check it out.

  3. Be polite. The skill level of the forum members ranges total beginner to the very crusty Linux user and what might be obvious to you might be very hard to understand for others. Its perfectly acceptable to tell people to RTFM but, don’t be a dick. There is a difference between not knowing something and being just plain lazy.

  4. Foster a learning environment. Guiding people to a solution is more more important than doling out answers like a minigun. Yeah, you might have the perfect solution but that person will never learn. It enables help vampires which waste the communities collective energy.

  5. Avoid ‘thread hijacking’. Unless your issue is identical to the OP’s thread topic, start a new one. If your issue is identical but you have different hardware or edition start a new topic.

  6. The language on this board is primarily English but we do not exclude people with little or no English. When replying to posts in other languages please include an English translation. It’s a good idea to help non-English speakers find resources in their language.

  7. A forum is a means of written communication so make sure your posts are as readable as possible. That means: Use capital letters and punctuation, and use the formatting features of the forum wisely in order to make your post attractive.

  8. There is no need to apologize for poor English skills. We have users from all over the world and trying your best is more than adequate.

  9. Stay on topic and keep it relevant to Parrot OS. Long off-topic discussions in other categories will get moved, locked or de-listed and eventually deleted. Moderators might move your thread to a more suitable category (for instance from ‘Support to Support Setup and Configuration’). This is no cause for alarm we are simply trying to keep things tidy.

  10. the following topics have been covered in our documentation portal so please:

    • Don’t ask about third party repositories. The instructions to fix your mistake is on our docs portal.
    • Don’t ask about root logins, Parrot OS isn’t designed that way. Use Kali if it’s a must have item.
  11. The following will get your post/topic removed and your account banned:

    • Advertising
    • Racist/ sexist content
    • Political/ religious content
    • Obvious pornographic content
    • Personal attacks (attack the flaw in their argument, not the person)

    The following might get your post/topic locked/de-listed

    • Flaming/
    • Obvious trolling
    • Thread has wandered way off topic
    • Cross posting
    • Questions that have been answered in our docs FAQ (Reading is an important and valuable skill)
  12. If you feel like your post/ thread has been locked, edited or even removed in error, please contact a moderator.

  13. If you have an issue with a moderator do not fight with them please contact them and attempt to resolve the issue or contact @Reporting with details of why you think the actions taken were wrong.

We are happy to help guide you in the right direction. Please understand though, we are a group of friends who’ve volunteered to do this. No one gets paid to be here.

-The Parrot Team