Hdmi audio problems after update

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After update, all video streams are stuttering, i.e. the motion constantly starts and stops. Youtube, Netflix, everything I’ve tried. There were no problems prior to update. There is no internet connectivity issue. Latency and bandwidth are completely normal.

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Parrot Security, current version.

What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental).


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Yes. Dual boot on a 2014 Mac mini.

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UPDATE: the problems seem to be related to sound going out through HDMI. They do not occur when sound is configured to go out through the internal sound card, or an external USB DAC

The problems aren’t limited to video. There are problems with slowness/dragging when playing a stream or an MP3 in Audacious.

In fact, I have not been able to get sound working at all through HDMI

Hello @evokateur

That seems weird.

So what browser are we talking here again?

Which makes me think browser maybe the culprit here. But I personally haven’t experienced any such issues. Now with Firefox, chromium, iridium or Brave. None of the mentioned stuttering issues above for me. :face_with_monocle:

Could you share the system specs please? (RAM, CPU, GPU, etc) :blush:

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Using up-to-date build of Mate 4.7, all packages are latest. Not having any issues with browsing and streaming either. Maybe with Firefox, some addons like noscript or some sort of script/tracker blocker like privacy badger causes issues, but only on sites that hosts media, has something to do with financial transactions (Online shopping sites, online banking portals) & not like the ones you mentioned above. DRM content may cause issues on streaming sites like netflix & Crunchyroll as well. Not to mention Firefox’s good tracking protection that may cause some data hungry sites to break.

But as of writing this reply, no. Not facing any such issues :100:

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Try running ‘top’ (EDIT: or htop, or System Monitor: by clicking top resources graph. Then select cpu% to make high cpu processes rise to top) command when playing a video that stutters. See what process makes memory/cpu shoot to 100+%. See if something like browser plugin/script is hogging memory/cpu.

There are times newer kernels do not play as well as older with certain wifi drivers.

If you can, try ethernet only hookup to your router to see if it is a wifi driver problem.

As others mentioned it might be your browser or plugin.

Let us know what you find out.:slightly_smiling_face:


htop has a better looking UI

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Also, firefox has a dedicated tool for analyzing what’s consuming what amount of memory and what impact is it having on your system

Type in about:performance in the top urlbar of firefox while facing slowdowns. Here you’ll see a bunch of info. Share a snapshot if you will :wink:


Hi @RedRuby

One of the first things I did was open up Chromium to see if it was a Firefox issue. No Javascript blocking plugins in Chromium. Same thing!

For the heck of it I tried running a mkv file in VLC. No problems there, visually

RAM is 4gb and CPU is 1.4Ghz dual core Intel Core i5. Graphics is Intel HD Graphics 5000. Pretty basic, but it’s always worked.

Strangely, the audio in Audacious (streaming WFMU) is also dragging. It takes about many actual seconds for the counter to advance 1 second.

I have just made an interesting discovery! If I plug in a USB DAC the problem goes away. The stuttering and audio troubles only happen when sound is going out through HDMI

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Also, if I do not have a USB DAC plugged in, and I configure the sound to go through the internal audio, no streaming problems.

HDMI + Streaming (audio or video) seems to be where the trouble is…

ps ps

I haven’t been able to get sound out through HDMI. I didn’t notice that before. Playing an MP3 in Audacious, there is the same problem as there is with a stream

For your audio problem if you right click the sound icon, then click sound preferences, and then click the output button near the top of the window you should be able to choose the device and connector. If your HDMI cord is hooked up change it to the first option that has HDMI included. That should solve that. That might solve your streaming issue to but i’m not sure.

Ah, you see, that is the way it normally is, and I have to deselect HDMI as the output for my problems to go away. This is very strange. I have a workaround (using another output) but if I use HDMI as the audio output things get weird!

Hmm, thats strange. I am all out of ideas but good luck!

After running sudo apt full-upgrade today the video latency problems went away. Still no sound through HDMI, but at least things are improving.

I saw a few warnings like this. I have no idea if it has anything to do with what I’m experiencing…

W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/kbl_guc_verX .bin for module i915

I have the same problem on my macbook air, cant use the hdmi output, so I’m using internal speakers on the macbook

Thanks for commiserating! Did it ever work at some point? Mine used to and I’m hoping it will again, some velvet upgrade.

I’ve been searching for a solution and it seems to be a fairly common problem (across various distros). According to Pulse Audio Volume Control (pavucontrol) it’s working. I can SEE the volume level going up and down, I just can’t hear anything.

Checkout This Post by @rowie :slight_smile: I had similar errors in the past.

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