Hdmi causing decreased performance,potential driver issue

Parrot Home MATE ISO 4.10
Debian standard install
multiboot/ NO
hp 14-ac159nr

I have noticed a potential issue which may or may not be present for others…?

Since installing the OS,i’ve ran into some performance issues (still much better performance than win10) which i’ve tried to remedy by tweaking a few things,and for the most part i’ve done okay there…
but now i’m noticing that when on sites where memory demand is much greater and more dynamic,my device slows to a crawl and at times becomes unresponsive.
i’ve run into that before,things like memcached and zram have helped there considerably.

i typically use this device connected to an hp monitor,but over the last week or so i’ve been using it more as a standalone,and where i would typically see crashes(while connected via hdmi),i might only see a slight delay,which to me says theres a problem either with the cable,ports,or the driver.

so,after researching i see that at times an hdmi connection can cause the gpu to rely on the cpu,when it tries to make up for the increase between the two devices.
this being a very low memory device,already tweaked for better performance,that small demand seems to create a much larger problem…

perhaps using a proprietary driver in that instance could potentially help?
i’m noticing some distros have software included which search and add proprietary drivers in such situations,does Parrot do the same,and if not,what is the best way for me to determine which drivers would be better without changing things that i don’t have to,and the best method of installation ?

i do recall a program included upon my first install which seemed to do something like this,but i can’t recall which one it was,and when i serch through the installed packages,it’s not there…

sorry for the lengthy post,your help is appreciated.
thank in advance…

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Based on your specs anything that you might have that even has a proprietary driver (that it isn’t actually already using) would be something you bought separately. The only hdmi related firmware or tools that I can think of are for special gadget hdmi/hid switchable doohickey’s. I would guess any additional system load is probably from the system having to render two screens.
While we’re on the subject proprietary drivers aren’t necessarily better and are almost always validated against a specific (usually older/out of date LTS) version of a distro like Ubuntu or RHEL and so can’t be assured to offer any performance increase on others if they offer any at all.

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i appreciate the feedback.
i’m only saying these things because of research i’ve done,as far as their validity,i can’t speak toward that.
i wasn’t necessarily considering them to be better,but perhaps more compatible in certain situations,such as mine with an onboard graphics card…

i’ve also considered that aspect ratio conversion can potentially be creating an issue,being that this device is 4:3 and its trying to render a second monitor of 16:9,which it can only come close to with 1366 x 768…

do you have any suggestions when it comes to potential tweaks that would enable better rendering on such a limited device?

Sorry cant say that I do. Other than in general you can reduce memory using a lower footprint desktop environment and window manager.

perhaps someone can tell me what drivers are now responsible for the handling of what would have once been controlled by the intel hd driver,that way i can research potential options…
if i’m not mistaken,that was some thing which was tweakable within windows,with things like performance or quality mode options,and battery usage options…
i would find it hard to believe that wouldn’t be an option within linux,with how pro custom,and modding its users are…

Intel integrated graphics all use i915, the module has lots of options

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I’m taking it as it comes with learning this os and linux,so this should give me something new to learn and help a great deal.

Thank you!

the more experienced users of linux,and integrated intel graphics cards will likely have knowledge of this,but i’ll place this here for those who may not.
further research will point to some workarounds that can be added to the grub line which may improve performance in some cases…


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