how can i install linux softwares ?

how can i install virtualbox and others linux softwares ? which platform should i use ? Debian 10 or something else ?

We are debian-testing based distro. Technically any software for Debian 10 should work.
And i think you are trying to install software from Homepage. That isn’t the best choice. virtualbox and so many applications are provided on our repository server. You just need to run sudo apt install virtualbox for it. You’ll need to run sudo apt update to refresh index file. You don’t need to run update command everytime.

For more information, please google How to install package/ software on Debian 10 for more infromation.

Basically you can install virtualbox in every os you want.
For example:
Parrot. Parrot is called “Host OS”, which means the system who runs the virtualization.
You choose to virtualize Fedora. Fedora is called “Guest OS”, the virtualized system.
Go on the virtualbox site, precisely here then choose the right file for your architecture (for debian and debian derivatives, it’s a .deb file), download it and install it

About other linux software… Depends on what you want to install
it usually needs to open a terminal and type sudo apt install packagename where packagename is tne name of the program you want to install.

to find software available for install simply use this command:

apt search SoftwareNameHere

And apt will return a list of readily available software from Parrot repository.

Then use:

sudo apt install softwareName

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