How does linux kernel versioning work?

ENGLISH: KERNEL VERSION NUMBER MEANS: 1.X.Y FOR EXAMPLE: 1 the version, X must be pair of it’s a stabil VERSION, if it’s not pair then it’s a Beta version for developers, and Y means that it’s under construction under bug fixxing number so like a preparing number for release… Therefore I Need to ask how can I download a version of parrot with a STABLE one? My current version is: 5.5.0 which means that my KERNEL for example is not STABLE. What dose this actually means? I read this in a Book about linux which is about 2000 pages long…

CASTELLANO: LA VERSION DEL KERNEL ES UN NUMERO DE TRES CARACTERES SEPARADOS CON PUNTOS POR EJEMPLO 5.X.Y Aqui el X en el medio si no es par según a mi Libro de Linux cual es mas de 2000 páginas de gordo dice que si el segundo numero no es par no es una versión del Kernel ESTABLE… COMO PUEDO TENER PARROT OS SECURITY CON UNA VERSION DEL KERNEL ESTABLE? EL OTRO NUMERO (Y) ES la version del desarollo de fallos… De todas formas quiero saber porque no es una version estable la que tengo yo? Mi version es el: 5.5.5

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the even/odd relationship of version numbers is not always true, and it is true only for projects that explicitly follow this choice.

as far as i know it is not true for the linux kernel.

parrot uses stable linux kernels. in fact Y is always present in kernel version numbers, no matter if it is next, mainline, stable, longterm or deprecated

please read more about kernel versioning standards


I get the feeling that something is still bad. It’s because I was reinstalling in the past day 2 times Parrot OS. After reinstalling both times had the same issue… I done a sudo parrot-upgrade then restatrted my system. After the restart everything was fine but using OBS Studio, VLC Media Player and Mozzila Firefox and the Same time Freez my system completle… Had to restart the system with ALT KEY + PRINTSCREEN and some sort of typed in command while pressing ALT and Print Screen. I was like what the hell is this freez. I need quite a bit of help because it still happens even if i use just a few programs at the same time.
My current Parrot OS Version 4.9
Kernel Version 5.5.5
CPU: Intel 5 third generation quad core 3.2 ghz
SSD: 128 GB
with this system I think it should not freez! I’m waiting for help! Thanks!

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