How fast will exploits be available in Parrot/Metasploit after posted on

So… long time since I started pentesting… BTW with nessus, so consider me a newbee in Metasploit. I scanned a host using “use auxiliary/scanner/discovery/udp_sweep” on RHOST (80), and the result was:
Nmap: 80/tcp open http Apache httpd 2.4.51 ((Fedora))

Apache has a newer version (2.4.52) that corrects this issue (among others):

I want to try to exploit this vulnerability on the host, but trying:

msf6 > search cve:2021 apache 44790
[-] No results from search

Returns no result.

Is it just not possible to get such a new exploit to try out?

Can I update and get a more fresh exploit database?



Regards, Lars.

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