How to Revert back to My original system

I am using Triple Boot Includes Windows 10, Parrot OS Security (Work on latest update,updated last night and had some issue) and Android x86

I updated my pc last night. All packages were Downloaded and were being installed. but then i just opned my fern wifi cracking tool, which shut downed my network adopter and i start getting message of no interface like wlan0, so i restated my pc, then i face the issue (Maybe mistake was that i restated my pc while updates were being installed) my pc restated normally, i selected parrot os on grub and logged in and then i only saw blank black screen with mouse Cursor only, so i saw solution on parrot community and used clt+alt+F1 and via tty1 i logged in by startx command and logged in into MATE version of Parrot OS, while i was working on KDE before. So now i wanna know what should i do to go back on my KDE and i always have to use tty1 to fix this blank screen issue, but as we know its temporary fix, so can i get my normal parrot kde back

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