I need help, forgot my password

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— I am running Parrot SEC on VMware and i have forgotten my password, i cant log on because of this, any help would be extremely appreciated. Kind Regards.

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All you need to do is get to the recovery option and become root and voila you got yourself the root terminal. from there all you need to do is to reset your password.




Boot Computer into the GNU Grub Loader
Select: Advanced options for Parrot GNU/Linux
Press Enter
Select: Parrot GNU/Linux, with Linux 5.4.0-p… (recovery mode)
Press Enter
~Loads recovery mode…
Type root password
Press Enter

##########Below I am mimicking the console.####

[root@parrot]-[~] # passwd username #type username
New password: typenewpass1234 #typenewpass
Retype new password: typenewpass1234 # retype new password
passwd: password updated successfully
[root@parrot]-[~] # shutdown


Same thing here. Did that more than twice and still will not let me log in. The root password works, goes through the motions and says the user password was updated, but states invalid password when I try to log in. Please advise.

Did this. Screen banks out and returns me to the login screen.

if you remember the root password this may work.
Go to the login screen, then open the tty terminal using Ctrl + Shift + f5
then login as root
after that
go to /etc/lightdm/ and edit the lightdm.conf file and set greeter-show-manual-login=true
after that reboot the pc
then login as root
then change the user password using passwd userName newPassword
replace userName with your userName

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To add onto this if you use passwd it will change the password for root. Use passwd username and it will change your user password which should be what you’re logging in with

yeah i meant that
passwd userName newPassword
edited above thanks for it
just saying passwd might have been vague haha
fixed it

Hey, it was still great advice and I knew what you meant! :rofl:

hasta la vista baby

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You can also use just your Sudo password on Root Terminal to change it. Menu>System Tools>Root Terminal (/usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator). Login with your Sudo password…
#passwd root

enter your new Root password word 2x and you’re good to go…