I need help installing parrot os on dell inspiron 14 3000

I have a dell inspiron 14 3000 series and i tried to install parrot os in it. The installation goes successfull, i use live installation by the way, but after restarting it says that there are no bootable device found. Please help thank you.

Hello my friend, well, it seems that you should check the space of your device and for whom do you want to use it as a platform or next to Windows

You may try on another system - if the same message displays, it means the problem is with the bootable device. Ensure the system has enough memory free.

there is an issue, if you have a MBR partition, and you install from a UEFI
media or UEFI HD and the other way, parrotos-installer would skip grub setup, I guess…

also you must set the boot flags for the boot partition as you create the partitions