"Identical mount points for two file systems"

Installing Parrot OS (Parrot-security-4.8_x64) from a Live USB leads to “Identical mount points for two file systems” message error on a MacBook Pro (mid-2010) with rEFInd installed

I’ve prepared the partitions and burned the Live USB from Parrot OS iso. During installation and after configuring partitions I set up the mount point of my Linux partition at / (root)

Then when I proceed with the installation part I get the “identical mount points for two file systems” error message.

The system is in a conflict between the / mount point of the USB device (sdc) and the partition I want to install Linux (sdb)

Is there a way to somehow bypass this error? Is it only for Parrot OS? I was able to install Ubuntu and Manjaro via their Live USB without this error.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

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