I'M_SO_SCREWED! Failsafe - boot system crash

-> Using Live USB 4.9 Parrot I get kernel Panic, so I’d tried both:

Failsafe (nomodeset)
Failsafe (strong error prevention)

-> After that I has able to boot Live Parrot 4.9, but when I put out flash drive and reboot to my normal system I get this massage:

“No bootable device – Insert boot disk and press any key”

-> How can I boot into my normal hard disk again? something was changed into my BIOS?, because there’s password in there and I don’t remember to change something back.

  1. make sure in BIOS secure boot is off
  2. boot into live USB and mount your drive where parrot is installed
sudo mount /dev/sdx /mnt
  1. chroot into that drive
sudo  chroot /mnt
  1. if you get sucessfull chroot that means installation was OK.
  2. if installation is OK then there is something in bios.
  3. if you are not sure then try restoring settings to default in bios
  4. optional things to try reinstalling grub(from inside chroot) install grub from live USB


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Think you for the answer, but apparently Parrot Failsafe mode change my BIOS in mode Legacy with UEFI, and make that without my BIOS password. I could resolve the problem by returning to Legacy bypassing BIOS forgotten password.

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