install kde plasma in 5.0

i was trying to install kde plasma in a fresh parrot home instalation but i cant.
y try a lot of ways to install, like debian, with deskop-parrot-kde, with parrot-kde and more but the only answer fron the cli that i got is the package doesn’t have a install candidate

5.0 (Electric Ara)

Hi. Of course you can install it. Type sudo apt update && sudo apt install parrot-desktop-kde

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i try it and i get this error.

You used

sudo apt udate

instead of

sudo apt update

Hi Karpa,

  1. Copy/Paste the following in the terminal…

sudo apt update && sudo apt install parrot-desktop-kde

This might take several minutes

  1. Choose a desktop manager…

  2. After that restart your computer, and when asking for your password, notice there is a white circle above the password bar.

  3. Click on it, select KDE, and you are good to go…
    hope this will solve your issue.

anyway, i just decided to install parrot architect edition… so my problem has been fixed

has been fixed, i just installed parrot architect