Install Windows inside Parrot virtual box

I am about to wipe my laptop and install Parrot on it. I still need windows to run photoshop, illustrator, After effects, and the occasional windows only programs, etc

I see every tutorial online showing how to install Parrot under a VM on Windows but no information whatsoever the other way around. I see virtual box is available for Linux, but then they have many different versions for Debian, Ubuntu, etc…

I am not interested in dual boot the system

I would like to setup virtual box in Parrot, and there i can run a windows VM.

I appreciate any tips or maybe there is a guide out there for this.
Thank you

Hey axo! Welcome to Parrot :call_me_hand:

Virtual box makes this pretty easy. Go grab a Windows VirtualBox file from their developer page.

You’ll probably need to make an account, but it’s free. Download the Virtualbox OVA file. Open virtualbox, and select New Machine. Choose the OVA file when prompted to import an image and just follow the prompts. Stick with the defaults the first time, then once it boots successfully you can shut it down and make adjustments to things like RAM and display settings. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much! I was going to install windows from scratch and didnt even know those images were available.

Thanks again for the info.
UPDATE for the people reading this post maybe trying to do the same.
I assigned 10GB of Ram, 4 cpus of an i7, 128 gpu and the VM in vanilla state lags to the point of being unusable for anything related to video. Not sure if having a physical good graphics card would help here, but i am on a laptop. So i will have to dual boot.

You can try using VMWare workstation player. It is a lot better at graphical stuff than VirtualBox. It takes a bit of setting up but I can run Fusion360 inside a windows VM on linux this way. I never got around to testing the adobe suite but I have every confidence it would load and run with respectable (if not entirely native) levels of performance.

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