Installation fails at 81%

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I am trying to install Parrot onto my laptop. Laptop has 500GB HDD with 4GB RAM. I am trying to install Parrot Security from inside the live mode.

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Parrot 4.10 on kernel 5.7.0-2parrot2-amd64 x86_64 KDE

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Debian GTK

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Please note I am new to Parrot Security and have moved from kali linux. Would appreciate a simple explanation.

well from the starting, i would like to say that
please use balena-etcher for burning the iso
before burning the iso, check the hashes of the iso and verify it
after successfully verifying the iso and burning it, then you can proceed
after that
you can do standard installation no problem in any method you choose
if you want to install as in EFI

  1. create a manual partition of around 500mb for that as mount it to /boot/efi
  2. then as your laptop has 4gigs of ram, getting a swap partition is beneficial, you can allocate any size you like, ideal will be 1-2gigs according to your usage,
  3. and the final partition will be of root and is to be mounted as /
    after all these you can go ahead
    and while installing grub make sure to install it on your harddrive not pendrive
    doing all this will successfully install Parrot os on your hard drive

Thank you for the easy to understand steps!

After following your steps while attempting to install Parrot in the live mode, it does get to the point of saying it’s successfully installed.

However when I restart the laptop and remove the usb it does not boot up the OS but instead goes to some EFI shell? I have attached a picture of it below.

Some maybe helpful things to note:
-When I boot from a live usb I do so in legacy mode. After I install an OS successfully like Ubuntu from a USB I typically revert back to UEFI

-nowhere during the installation process does it ask me or mention anything about grub. Would love to know how to install that.

Really really appreciate your patience and help man

since you did not installed grub this error came
a grub installation screen should have come but i wonder why it did not come for you
if grub was installed, we can load grub from the efi shell
if this doesn’t exist(in case if grub is installed), we should manually create, and copy the assets
maybe @RightToPrivacy can help you verify where the grubx64.efi is located, I can’t tell cuz I am on legacy

Thank you so much for all your help!!! I have successfully managed to install Parrot onto my laptop.

When it loaded into this EFI shell I had to type “fs0:” and then “EFI\parrot\grubx64.efi” and press enter. That then brought me to the grub menu and after some seconds it booted into Parrot!!! Super excited!

Any idea how I can just make the laptop automatically boot into the grub menu once I power up the laptop instead of typing the above command every time it boots up? I tried changing the boot order in the BIOS settings but to no avail

Thank you thus far for al your help!!! Now a proud user of Parrot!!!

well if you had created /boot/efi as i said
then you can do
that will install the grub

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