installation issue

I am trying to install parrot sec and when I click on try/install option, it boot up to the desktop of parrot sec but after couple of seconds it shut downs automatically and my windows os boot up
Please Help

What did you use to burn the ISO?
Did you verifythe hash of the file you downloaded?
And did you refer to the documentation? -

I used security edition mate
i cant even open the install parrot sec option as my laptop boot up to windows automatically
please see the photos for better understanding

I’m sorry but none of this answers the questions asked above.
Maybe your ISO is corrupted that it reboots as u go for installation! Hence check the hash,
And use to burn the ISO.

[if everything according to documentation is perfect, then there’s no way your system will reboot after booting up]

Okay I will download again and burn with etcher, if I get the same issue again I will inform

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