Installing DisplayLink


I recently installed ParrotOS and i am trying to install DisplayLink but it is giving me a very hard time. I have downloaded the newest sh file in the repository displaylink-debian, but it allways falis with the error:

Installing driver version: 5.2

DisplayLink Linux Software 5.2.14 install script called: install
Distribution discovered: Parrot GNU/Linux 4.7
Unsatisfied dependencies. Missing component: Linux headers for running kernel, 5.3.0-3parrot3-amd64.
This is a fatal error, cannot install DisplayLink Linux Software.

Is there anything i can do to solve this?

Sounds like it is telling you to get the Linux headers installed first then retry to install.

When installing a driver you need to have the headers for the exact version of your current running kernel. Look up the kernel-headers in Parrot’s repository/synaptic/apt and install them first.

I want to emphasize you need the exact same version of kernel-headers for your current kernel version to do this right.

After you satisfy this kernel-headers dependency, then retry installing the driver.

Btw, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I think you should Message the Guy on Github also he may have answers and theres also a Issue tab on that site for asking these same questions like on here for support kinda…

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