installing parrot os on macbook

I want to install parrot os on my macbook pro mid 2012 model in vmware fusion please help me for that

where is the problem? it is a standard vmware installation

i dont know how to install parrot os on my macbook pro.
can u please help me with steps to install.

should help you it is super brief and it will take you through the steps.



i just want to install parrot os not debian.
In vmware fusion,i want to install parrot os.

hey i wanna install parrot on the main machine i have macbook air
and i want to dual boot parrot and mac os x please tell me…

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dual boot is easy bro.

parrot is based on debian, and you can follow a debian tutorial to install it on your mac. but remember that parrot is based on top of debian 10 buster

i dont want to install the parrot os on my main machine.
i just want to install that on vmware fusion application.
that application contains all contents it gets that with the parrot os ISO file.

Follow their documentation for getting vmware fusion set up to boot a linux machine (you wont be able to use easy install as its not supported for debian):

Then use the parrot documentation from step 5 once you boot:

Some links off of this page might also help in configuration/ troubleshooting:

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Great answer,
Thank you

can i have to mount the ISO file before installation?