Installing Parrot Os on VPS

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found few guides online but all failed, anyone have a working method ?

Debian 9-10 VPS.

Some VPS providers have servers with Parrot pre-installed, you could try one of those. Alternatively you could use the Parrot docker container on any host.

thanks for the reply @KidKlown , i am awere of vps servers preinstalled, but i want to set it up myself not have one preinstalled , the docker idea am already using on an ubuntu 18 server.
Anyone have a working guide ?

It will depend on what hosting service you are using. Who is providing your VPS?

rackspace cloud vps

They use openstack and claim to give access to the API, so you should be able to deploy one from the command line. But i’m sure their GUI will also provide the capability.

You might be best off sending an email to their support or reading the documentation.

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