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Hi, I am an old linux user with 2 laptops, both with parrot os.
In the first laptop language is somehow completely set (even up left corner System Applications Places in my own language). How can I do the same with the second laptop? I can’t find in settings neither terminal with general commands such as ~locale etc. doesn’t show difference.

Hi @Kraken , you can reconfigure your locales by command line : sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales .

Thank you for you answer. I have already done that and after restarted but still language doesn’t change in menu bar. My guess is I set it manually somehow…I am a bit lost…

When you do dpkg-reconfigure locales , in memories, that can ask you if you want change name menu bar , i think you need to start again to be sure you don’t fail something .

It shows me only a language packages that I want to be set. There is no requests about menu bar.

Thank you for help. After a while menu bar changed into my own language automatically probably installed updates caused adjustment)))

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