İso burners won't see usb

My pc does recognise usbs that i plug in but for some reasons the iso burners won’t see it

Not sure what iso burner you are using- include as many details as possible (what you have tried, software versions, fill out any required support forum questions where applicable) to make a question easier to answer. Have you tried dd command?

sudo dd if=ParrotImageNameHere.iso of=/dev/sdb

replacing /dev/sdb with your USB device name.

If so, what happens?

Did you format to FAT32 and unmount? Sometimes you have to reboot. As suggested dd is the preferred method of creating a Linux ISO anyway. I use dd or an app on Android called EtchDroid. I have the ISO’s stored in my internal phone storage and when I plug in an external USB or SD card it will write any of them in seconds. I distro hop often and run multiboot so I found this to be the most efficient method for me.

Not a necessary part of the process, that’s a factor of your android phone. The fs is changed in the end anyway so it should just use any fs the OS recognizes.

if you are using windows to create a bootable drive DO NOT USE unetbootin. USE etcher instead, and if you have any other linux device then try making bootable with…
sudo dd if=~/<path-to-your-iso>.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress bs=2048.

check if BIOS is detecting the USB, if yes then try booting in directly through BIOS.

No I do this for Rufus and WoeUSB when I’ve used GUI’s in the past actually. If you just delete the partition some software will NOT see the USB. You have to format it. For good practice use FAT32 or NTFS if over 4GB. It’s universal and clearly you can format with other file systems but I don’t see the point when it’s going to re format it in to FAT32 or NTFS anyway…

Yes the point is that you don’t have to use FAT32 necessarily, ext4, NTFS will work fine and others so long as the OS supports that filesystem there shouldn’t be any issue there. BTW in the end the USB will have an iso fs

The point is that formatting in general is required. May as well choose one it’s going to choose for you… Everyone has different perspectives on things and neither of us is wrong so let’s agree to disagree.

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