Issue installing parrot 5.0

I’m attempting to install parrot on a partitioned laptop. I’ve already disabled secure boot and am able to click the try/install button. Everything starts to load up and I see a parrot os load screen but then it goes to a black screen as seen in the image below the image provided below

Alienware x14
DDR5 Ram 32gb @ 5200
500gb partition for parrot

  • ParrotOS iso in use:
    Parrot os security 5.0

  • Application used for flashing the iso:

  • Screenshots:

Hello! Thank you for your report. I’m afraid nobody in the team is having alienware laptop so we can’t reprocedure it. From quick google search, i suppose we have to have sof-tools and sof-firmware in our repository. I created an issue and I’ll track this bug.
For now, we don’t have any “fix” unless you can chroot to your installed Parrot and install sof firmware

This error could also be caused by a corrupt download/install medium

Also, if you have the model with the Intel Core i9 12900H I am not sure if this is fully supported by the Linux kernel yet [first one I have come across]