Issues with second monitor / nvidia drivers

Hi, i am really struggiling to get my second monitor working with Parrot. i have a laptop with an intel iGPU, and a Nvidia 1050.

Whatever i do, i cannot get my second monitor to be recognized by parrot. this monitor is connected to the laptops HDMI out, and works fine on the windows install on the same laptop. further more, it breifly mirror the parrot logo screen while booting, but i cannot get it to work while the os is actually running.

I have followed the docs on installing the nvidia driver from here - Nvidia drivers - Parrot Documentation - using the “computer with igpu and dgpu” section. and when i perform the hashcat test detailed at the end of the doc, it suggests that hashcat is running correctly on my Nvidia GPU. I have 100% followed the instructions correctly, i have checked multiple times.

When i try nvidia-settings, i get this .

I cannot open the Nvidia X server settings GUI program, it just does not open when clicked.

major headache, please someone help me out

Parrot V5.0 LTS

You are having 2 issues

  1. Look like your driver is not working. You can try sudo apt install nvidia-detect to see if nvidia-driver contains driver for your graphic card
  2. External monitor doesn’t work on hybrid graphic card is a known issue on many Linux distro and i’m afraid nothing we can do here.

Hey man!

Once I had this issue with the Parrot OS on my MSI laptop. The link below solved my problem. I hope it would work for you as well :slight_smile:

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