Kde connect not available on parrot repo

I tried to install KDE Connect (apt install kdeconnect-kde / kdeconnect-plasma / kdeconnect) but there’s no prebuilt binaries for that program (E: Unable to locate package).
This is the source : https://github.com/KDE/kdeconnect-kde
So how can I get it work on PARROT please ?!

I’m sorry sudo apt-get install kdeconnect working now how can I delete this topic ?

It is available on Parrot repositories, you can get it from Synaptic package manager, it will select and install all KDEConnect’s dependencies by itself.

you’re right it’s now installed (sudo apt-get install kdeconnect)
I don’t know how can I delete this topic !

Change the category to Support and then mark it as Solved.

How can I mark it as fixed ?!! I can’t find anything related to that feature.