kernel requires x86-64 detected 1686 CPU

Installation error:[NOT USING VIRTUAL BOX] this kernel requires an x86 - 64 cpu but only detected 1686 CPU unable to boot - please use a kernel apporpriate for your CPU

getting this error when i am installing it normally i am not using virtual box , vmware or anything like this i am willing to install it beside win7 on a Lenovo thinkpad IBM Laptop I AM REALLY MAD NOW AFTER DOWNLOADING 3.4 GB FILE GETTING THAT SHITTY ERROR I NEED HELP ASAP

Ok Good
Now open Windows

And then Extract ISO file

Run setup.exe and chose normal mode

Them reboot

When booting you get 2 option , Win7/Debiam installer

Select debian installer

Add your installation media

And install :+1:

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the parrot team dropped support for i386, as it’s unpractical nowadays

@Amzker don’t i need to boot ?


Ohk Now

Download 4.4i386 ISO
And flash

After it Upgrade it , Parrot32 bit repo still maintained

Also You able to install deb installer from 64 bit ISO file Than try to install 32 bit File

You will have to go into the parrot archive and find an older version, there are no other options.

what is your cpu model?