Kernel Upgrade problem

What version of Parrot are you running? Parrot security-4.6

What method did you use to install Parrot? Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no

After upgrading kernel 4.19 to 5.2 . uname -a or system monitor doesn’t show 5.2 kernel . it shows old kernel (4.19).
Another Error is after restarting Parrot login page not coming .
I reinstall the Os several times but after upgrading same problem occurs…

Please Sir help me…

how do you upgrade? with apt upgrade?

sudo parrot-upgrade

I also do this . But no chage.

maybe your /boot is full and upgrade was unsucess.
which kernels are in /boot?

Both kernels are in /boot.

when i want to remove 4.19 kernel this is not removing…
How i understand that new kernel not installed properly.
Please sir help me…
Last two day i reinstall OS about 6 times.

From terminal execute commands below.
sudo apt remove linux-image-(unused_version_number)
sudo update-grub

pls show me the output from:

dpkg --list | grep linux-image*


sudo apt autoremove -y && sudo apt autoclean -y

then reboot

how do you install parrot? with usb stick?
flashed with etcher?

sorry sir now i reinstall the OS again . but now i am not upgrading system so that’s fine. But if i upgrade using sudo apt dist-upgrade or full-upgrade then after restart the login page not come… so how can i send you these output.
Yes sir i install with usb stick flashed with balena-etcher.

you can make a photo!

… and please only:

sudo parrot-upgrade

I also try these … Sir i reinstall OS 6 times. I try my best . but i am disappointed… now i have no way without developers like you.

Sir if login page not come how i send you pic.?

make a photo with your smartphone! :wink:
tell me more about your system pls.
amd or nvidia card?

amd card . what kind of photo do you want ?
Is there any way to make a photo in black screen?my login page not coming.
if i restart then login page not coming… but if don’t restart or shutdown everything ok.
But uname -a & sytem-monitor shows old kernel…

I am sorry sir. may be here i don’t find any help. :cry:

maybe this solve your problem

check what version of kernel do you have in grub by pressing E, it is probably old, try doing

sudo update-grub2

So, we don’t do apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade like in kali distro? Just sudo parrot-upgrade.

We suggest parrot-upgrade because it is safer to suggest this one command to all Parrot users. It usually helps prevent users from running into problems in the long run. Of course you are free to upgrade/update however you like (if you really know what you are doing), but we strongly suggest using parrot-upgrade.

This also helps to prevent newer users from receiving/reading possible bad advice :slight_smile:

Here is what the parrot-upgrade command does:

apt update || echo failed to update index lists
dpkg --configure -a || echo failed to fix interrupted upgrades
apt --fix-broken --fix-missing install || echo failed to fix conflicts
apt -y --allow-downgrades --fix-broken --fix-missing dist-upgrade

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