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Installed Parrot Sec 4.4 by USB onto MacBook Air -early 2015 model. All of OS-X deleted so only Parrot is being booted. Upgraded to 4.7, then continued to upgrade as and when available using parrot-upgrade.

Until yesterday, every upgrade has been without issue. Yesterday, computer would not start after upgrade - boot loader works OK, and first splash screen (blue with parrot graphics) loads, then turns to faint command prompt which flashes and computer fan comes on - faster and faster until full shutdown. I assumed something did not get installed correctly. Tried failsafe and rescue options to be informed that " cannot open access to console the root account is locked…"

Downloaded live version from Parrot website and burnt to USB. Booting from fresh USB resulted in splash screen followed by cursor on black screen followed by locking up, computer fan speeding up faster and faster and then computer shutting down. Cannot boot the Live downloadable version any more.

Found my original ISO of version 4.4 - burnt it to USB and booted perfectly from this version.
Since my backups are all from 4.7, I immediately run into dependency problems - cannot restore backup (I have used TimeShift and Cronopete) because they complain when I try to install on 4.4 and then run the backup restore function.

To me, this seems like something incompatible with latest upgrade and my hardware?

I now have nice working Parrot Sec 4.4, but find it challenging to install apps that I had before because of dependency problems, it wants to be upgraded. But I am reluctant to run parrot-upgrade for obvious reasons.

Any suggestions?

I have made progress: from fresh new Parrot Sec 4.4 install I have run many successive parrot-upgrade runs - it needed many because it kept quitting with too many errors messages. Finally, I reached stage where I could run the command one more time and no more packages were downloaded or installed or any changes made. It now reboots just fine.
Only problem is now that cronopete is no longer installable - seems to have been discontinued, and I am extremely reluctant to use my backup made with TimeShift - for fear that it undoes much of what I have just achieved.

Ideally, a backup that makes a full bootable USB drive would be best, I could the easily go back to where I was before another upgrade - just in case something like this happens again.

Now to manually set everything back up again !!!

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