Libreoffice Impress crash when playing videos

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I’m trying to play a video with Libreoffice Impress, but every time I open the slide with the video (I tried with both MP4 and OGG), the application crashes without specific errors.

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Parrot 4.8 KDE, installed via ISO

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Debian Standard

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I havn’t any specific error other than the crash. I tried to install all the gstreamer plugins (good, bad, etc), but nothing has changed. I also tried to run the app without the firejail profile (firejail -noprofile), but again, no luck.
Anyone has any hint for this?

Here is a list of the latest tested formats:


Here is some more detailed information from that page on video formats:

Try converting to MKV or webm.

Let me know how this goes for you and welcome to Parrot’s Forums :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, and for the welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried with both webm and mkv, but no luck, I have the crash as soon as I open the slide and the video should start playing.

May be I can give some additional infos to help in identifying the issue?
Thanks again,

Try open it without firejail sandbox

I tried with “firejail --noprofile” and by running it with absolute path (which should run without firejail, correct?). In both the case I have the crash.
May be I should use another way to run it without firejail?

I guessed that was because firejail. Because you tried it so it is a bug of libreoffice and i think you should open an issue for them.

I see…Thanks for the feedback!

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