LibreOffice issue, I need it for work

No matter what I do I cannot get LibreOffice to start. I have purged libreoffice and re-installed it. I even added it to firejails profile and even removed firejail (mostly because I’m not a fan of firejail.) It seems like no matter what I do I can’t get Libreoffice to open and I have no idea how to figure out why.

What version of Parrot are you running? Parrot Security 4.18 64-bit

What method did you use to install Parrot? Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? No

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If you remove filejail via apt or any package manager, you must reboot your system.
Or try run in terminal firejail --noprofile libreoffice
if both of them doesn’t work, please show error message from terminal output.

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Are you sure that you are using an up-to-date Parrot?

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Hello all. I just installed Parrot OS as a dual boot with win10 today using a bootable usb drive created with etcher. During the installation, I was not prompted to create a root password. The installation only prompted for name, username, and password.

During the first login, I was prompted to check and install updates which I did. I haven’t changed or installed anything else.

I have the same issue as the OP. I cannot get any of the LibreOffice applications to run. Any ideas to fix?

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Open Terminal

sudo soffice

Hope this will work for you

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Hi addwine, this certainly worked! Thank you!

Is this a workaround to launch from terminal, or is there a fix to launch from the menu shortcuts?

thanks again!

This workaround isnt ideal. But if it is working i guess there is no harm done.

You can get it working from the menu yes.

  • Open up the ‘main menu’ application.
  • Navigate to Applications > Office.
  • Click ‘LibreOffice’ then ‘Properties’.
  • Prepend gksu to the command in the ‘Command’ input box. (e.g. gksu libreoffice %U)
  • Then ‘Close’ and you are all good.

Thank you both! This works for the menu shortcut.

This might seem like a noob question… Why does running Libre Office require sudo or root? This is the only way I can get it to open

It shouldnt ideally.
But on my machines i dont need to run it as root for it to work.

There are a few posts on other forums that you could try:

They more or less say the same thing. It looks like if you start libreoffice as root, it generates a config under the root user, then whenever it tries to load that config as a standard user, it fails (If your having the same problem).


Removed firejail as recommended by @dmknght and works fine but as a n00b here I am curious what exactly I am giving up by removing firejail.

Firejail is there to improve system security. Therefor i would not recommend you remove it.

Firejail in basic terms prevents programs from accessing files and services that it shouldnt need. So in a perfect world you dont notice it, but obviously in some cases if it blocks essential files the program wont run.

The preferred alternative is to create a custom profile or fix whatever firejail is crying about.

I will try forcibly recreate the issue and see whats what.

Ok I was able to recreate it. Or at least a problem of the same description.

I deleted the libreoffice configs in /home/user/.config/libreoffice
rm -r ~/.config/libreoffice
Now if i try to open libreoffice it will fail, but if i use sudo it works.
so then use
firejail --noprofile libreoffice
After that i was able to open libreoffice as a standard user again. (Without using firejail --noprofile each time)

So it does look like it is firejail related so if the above doesnt work i suggest looking at custom profiles.

So as I needed to use Calculator in a pinch I ended up removing firejail… re-downloading it… and reconfiguring it is that harder to do than just wiping and starting a fresh install…? I haven’t vested too much here and everything is backed up. Just curious. I would rather keep things the way they are intended by the devs than go off road and have something bork later on because I removed firejail. Thanks for your help btw. Greatly appreciated. I am coming from Kali and before that I was an Arch user. Not afraid to try things but also not as well versed in the debian world as I should be.

but latest version of libreoffice and firejail works well for me.

@dmknght Yeah it works for me to.

You shouldnt have to re-install parrot.
If you still have your profiles or not probably depends on if you used remove or purge to get rid of firejail. But either way it doesnt matter as you can install them using sudo apt-get install firejail-profiles.

actually, it should be

sudo apt-get install firejail firejail-profiles libreoffice

I think a full upgrade would be best:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Hi there,

I think your libreoffice version is 1.6 and it doesn’t working, right? first uninstall it by

sudo apt purge libreoffice

and then go to libreoffice website, download the latest version and install it manually. it will be a tar.gz file and search how to install this file. It will work.

I had the same issue
on a fresh install of Parrot GNU/Linux 4.4

for me, something was broken with POCL
I had the error with Kali (

But to make it works, because I need it for work…
I uninstall everything libreoffice than use

Use WPS Office
superb woring
yes one thing in Spredshhet during print sheet get freez
and no iother issue

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