Libreoffice Upgrade on Parrot OS

I am trying to update the Libreoffice in my new installation of Parrot OS. The only information
that I have found so far is a couple of how-to’s on upgrading Libreoffice for Ubuntu by way of adding a repository. I am unable to add the repo and have also read that adding an Ubuntu repo is not a good idea anyway. Another option I thought of was to download the package directly from the Libreoffice download page and try to install it with the synaptic package manager, however im not sure if this will install a second version of Libreoffice rather than update the old one (v5.4.3.2).
I am relatively new to Linux in general (about 6-months).
If anyone can be of assistance on this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

libreoffice will be upgraded with the system as soon as the new version proved to be stable enough in the parrot system

i will sign the libreoffice update and migrate it into parrot stable as soon as some minor problems are fixed