Live-config-getty-generator bug

(vladislav) #1

Hi. I was fixing my system of all [ERROR] lines at boot, and I find one line at the very start of the boot, which tells that live-config-getty-generator has failed to do something, and It was hard to me to even read what it was, because it’s not logging in /var/log/boot.log. What’s this, and how can I provide you information about this bug?

I’m using Parrot 4.4 x64 aside with Windows 10


You can check the manpages, but if it’s not in there a search through whichever search engine you prefer will tell you what it is. getty normally is responsible for spawning terminals (through a combo of other processes if I understood my quick research). Most likely it is something systemd related as Parrot uses a Debian base which uses systemd which handles getty.

Some errors are not an issue as they are the result of security policies and this might be one of them. You can pause grub with the break or pause key

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Thanks, I will get up tomorrow, and tell you what’s the error.

(vladislav) #4

Sorry for the delay.

I am pressing Pause/Break key but boot doesn’t stop. Maybe something else can work out?

(vladislav) #5

I’ve just noticed the error code is 127 if it tells you anything…