Live ParrotOs Screen Tearing Glitch

So, I just created a ParrotOs live USB to plug into my pc and use it on the go. But, after booting up with Parrotsec Os a pop-up regarding choice of Keyboard Layout comes in my screen.

No matter what I do, may I close it, choose a layout, after clicking on it the GUI just tears away and get’s glitched. Even, the mouse is not responsive on some parts of the screen and I cannot even restart my pc through the OS and have to hard-reboot.

Parrot Security v4.5.1; AMD64

About my pc: Processor- Ryzen 5 2400G
GPU- Rx Vega 11 (integrated gpu)
RAM- 8GB 3000Mhz


It seems to be an AMD thing. Assuming you have the same problem.

Where I can change the compositor setting since I m new to parrot os i don’t know where it is compositor setting

It’s a GPU Driver problem you must some how navigate to the Mate Tweak By pressing Windows Key and Type Mate Tweak then go to Windows Panel and go to the last option Windows Manger and select Macro (no compositor)

Keep in mind this is a Temporary Solution for Live CD users (It means you must do this every time you restart) but It’ll be permanent for Normal Installed users (Means no need for doing this every time you restart)

I think that the parrot developers will fix this big problem with GPUs