Live ParrotOs Screen Tearing Glitch

So, I just created a ParrotOs live USB to plug into my pc and use it on the go. But, after booting up with Parrotsec Os a pop-up regarding choice of Keyboard Layout comes in my screen.

No matter what I do, may I close it, choose a layout, after clicking on it the GUI just tears away and get’s glitched. Even, the mouse is not responsive on some parts of the screen and I cannot even restart my pc through the OS and have to hard-reboot.

Parrot Security v4.5.1; AMD64

About my pc: Processor- Ryzen 5 2400G
GPU- Rx Vega 11 (integrated gpu)
RAM- 8GB 3000Mhz


It seems to be an AMD thing. Assuming you have the same problem.

Where I can change the compositor setting since I m new to parrot os i don’t know where it is compositor setting

Please read the reply above yours, Palinuro literally says where it is. There is a search function in mate and if you struggle search with google or even here on the forum. Reading is an important skill :ok_hand: