Login problem

i can login into the users … . I can edit user / passwords or user folders locations (talking about /home/$USER$) without logging in ? … because i think i broke them :confused: PLS …

I’m not sure i know what you mean. Can you add some more details on what you are trying to do? and what doesn’t work?

alright … i only wanna know if i can change password from one user without login into the system or if i can chance their directory location? … . WHAT I DO ?: i tried to make another user but in the same location with another user ( user A and user B and default location on one user its /home/A/ for user A and /home/B/ for B but i steted user B default location to be /home/A/ and when i logged out from system to try to connect with user B i forgot to set them a password xdddd and i tried to connect on user A to set them but when im logging in into the user A the OS takes me to the sign-in page and i cant log in and so angry pls help me :))) ) SRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH … TRYING MY BEST XDD

You can use sudo passwd <user> to change another users password. Where <user> is the username of the user you want to change.

bro i dont have acces to the terminal … :confused: i cant log in … i can get acces to the terminal without logging in ?

During boot add

     rw init=/bin/bash 

This is old vulnerability , hope still works
You get root shell
Then change password
passwd user

Ok you cant access any account.

You should be able to boot to a root shell using grub (like amzker says).
Change it from live boot.


on this note, does this mean that anyone would could get physical access to your hardware could simply change the user or root password and gain access?

Just curious, still learning… if this is the case , I assume this would bypass any encryption on the drive.

thanks for the info. appreciate it