Macbook Pro with USB-C supported?

I want to buy the new macbook soon, but first i want to know if i want to install Parrotsec OS. Will it support the USB-C or the Apple AV adapter? So i can still connect HDMI or a normal usb to my mac.

Does anyone already tried it?

please don’t buy a mac, buy a standard linux-compatible laptop with a hardware which respects the industrial standards

remember that only very old macs (2013 is the last year apple produced a linux compatible laptop) work properly with software that respects your freedom, and new macs are not supported yet and there is no official plan to support them in the future

don’t waste your money for just a closed underpowered piece of shit. security by obscurity is a thing only idiots accept as good


Thanks! Then i’ll consider to buy a Lenovo P52 or a Dell XPS 15.

I use a MacBook Pro late 2013 and Parrot runs perfectly :slight_smile:
Before I have had a Lenovo Thinkpad (awesome laptop too)

Uh I’d stay away from uncle Lennie, Google “Lenovo 2015 superfish”

Its a Lenovo T420, with i7 and ssd

Not hating on the specs just not trusting of the company (and I generally find the quality lesser than) after their series of fauxpas they made that year all in a row lol

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